Project funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU | PRIN 2022 Project 20228R992T



The Project aims to carry out a ‘systematic’ study on what we could call ‘everyday Islam’, reaching out and accounting for the less represented voices, which do not access the visibility of the media and policy makers, but also the academic field. This project aims to analyze the ‘internal and external frontiers,’ namely the relationships in the public space with institutions and with the diverse individuals who inhabit it, as well as the ‘internal’ plurality that characterizes Islam in Italy and in its transnational dimension.

In line with the overall goal of the project, a specific objective will be to identify and analyze the critical issues and emerging needs from the daily experiences of Islamic communities in our country, particularly in relation to the partial implementation of religious freedom as outlined in Italian jurisprudence. Specifically, the aim is to carry out the cataloging of protection needs for the right to difference and religious freedom.

Furthermore, the project will focus on some particularly significant but less explored case studies in academic literature, such as the case of Muslims of Albanian origin residing in Northern Italy and the issue of religious assistance to Muslim inmates in penitentiary facilities, especially in Southern Italy.