Project funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU | PRIN 2022 Project 20228R992T

Research Program

Research Program

The project involves the development of a QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE STUDY, utilizing methods and techniques typical of sociological, psychological, and anthropological research, as well as those of legal sciences.

In an initial exploratory phase of the research field, qualitative research methods will be employed based on the analysis of existing documentation, including normative and jurisprudential sources, ethnography, and interaction with “privileged informants” through conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups with individuals belonging to THREE MAIN TARGET GROUPS:

  1. Citizens and migrants of the Muslim faith;
  2. Representatives of the most prominent organizations within organized Islam in Italy;
  3. “Professionals” from public administration and public services in general, particularly from the educational, social-health, security, penitentiary, and economic sectors, as well as representatives and operators from the third sector.

In parallel, a legal analysis will be conducted on normative sources related to different processes of Islamic integration and non-integration. This analysis will serve to compile a categorized list of the needs of the communities as they emerge from living law.

The research project will also lead to an overall understanding of the Muslim presence in Italy. Particularly, this will be achieved through the construction and administration of a questionnaire to a representative national sample of the Muslim population. The questionnaire aims to investigate the religious identity of Muslims in Italy, analyzing aspects related to belief and knowledge systems, practices, experiences, affiliations, critical issues, and identified needs.